Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone

techn apple Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone

First Wii, then this. I thought I wanted a Nokia 770. It’s a real innovation in its own category, especially the community approach to development. Yesterday Steve Jobs pulled his trick once again and turned around an industry he had never touched before, smartphones. No keyboard. Multi-touch. iPod included. As Jobs says, existing smartphones are not even smart. Apple’s iPhone seems to reinvent the phone. I expect Nokia didn’t see this coming. Apple went to great lengths to keep iPhone secret. See Jobs presenting the features.

I want one. It’s beautiful. Btw., I have a new blog layout… now I need an iPhone to use it. This [iPhone] could be big for user-generated content.

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  • services sprite Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone
  • services sprite Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone
  • services sprite Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone
  • services sprite Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone
  • services sprite Bye bye Nokia: I want an iPhone


  • Antti Vähäkotamäki

    iPhone will be out.. well some day.. and the second version which can do 3G and can be sold for us europeans too – well.. i’d say it is at least a year from now for us if it ever appears.

    On the other hand N800 (the successor to nokia 770) was just released for sale in the US on tuesday. And it will probably be very soon avaiable for us too. It is not as simple as you would expect form an Apple device but at least it exists already and it can be used for a lot of the same things iPhone could be – in addition to being an open box (in many ways) unlike iPhone.

    I think both of the devices will find their market but mostly for the same reasons I use Linux instead of Mac OSX, I will be getting an N800 instead.

  • Gerrit

    Come on Teemu stay loyal to Finlands topbrand. Have a little patience and just wait what the answer of Nokia will be. You don’t believe that those Finnish engineers will be beat that easy do you? For the time being I will carry two devices when I am travelling: my 30 GB iPod and my Nokia 6600. Oh I forgot something. T-mobile renews my subscription in the course of this month and will replace my Nokia for pda kind of phone with a querty keyboard to enable me to be ‘always on’ truly.

  • Teemu Leinonen

    I agree with Teemu. I also really hope that iPhone will shake a bit the far too arrogant mobile phone manufactures. Let’s see if the engineers in other companies will finally get it: innovation is much more than new technology.

    If you have a look of the technology spec of the iPhone there is actually nothing “new” in it. Touch screen, sensors, and virtual keyboard – nothing new.

    What is new is the *design* – in a broad meaning. It is made for people. It is beautiful, simple, usable, desirable.

    Everybody try to do this, but in most of the cases when there is a time to make design decisions the engineers’ stupid buttons and slots finally win.

    I hope that the other companies will now have another look of those prototypes, which were in some point labelled to be “too radical”.