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Two-way journalism

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

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I had a lunch today and two journalists Paula Javanainen and Eero Liesimaa from Iltalehti dropped on the scene to interview me and Lotta about food smells refering to the relationship between Susan Kuronen and Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (latest cheap mockery in finnish politics). They asked to take pictures of me and Lotta in close positions so I asked the same from them. I didn’t get the kiss, though icon smile Two way journalism

I told them I would blog this. It was the first time in their journalistic career when an interviewee would do that. A true two-way conversation, as it should be. Democracy is about voice, not vote. Democracy is about two-way conversation, not one way broadcast. Democracy is about multiple points of view, not just one side of the issue. What is great about blogging is that you can easily publish your side of the matter in your own voice.

The funny thing was that when I was writing a text message to my Jaiku river, they appeared. I wrote in the end of my message “Iltalehti haastattelee icon smile Two way journalism ” and sent the text message to inform about my whereabouts. Virtual and physical spaces are crossing here. I guess they didn’t have a clue that potentially the rest of the online world was aware in almost real-time what they were doing. My Jaiku log is in my blog sidebar, which means that everyone who follows my blog could see on an instant what I’m doing and when. One hour later they could see this blog post.

We had a brief conversation on blogs. Paula thinks that blogs are a great source of material for journalists. Her understanding of blogging changed after the Tsunami. I told them that finnish understanding of blogging doesn’t yet cover organizations and knowledge work as much as it covers citizen journalism and politics. My point was that all organizations should have internal “dating systems”, a way for every individual in the organization to express their own voice and to get to know other people in the organization by following their voices. Innovations happen when two people from different domains meet in the intersection. Increasing the density, randomness and intensivity of communication inside organizations produces a fertile ground for innovations to prosper. We need technology that supports informal interaction as much as we have technology that supports formal business processes. Paula agreed and proposed that what I said about knowledge sharing was something that could be useful in their organization. I of course, would be glad to be helpful.

My keynote at CORESMA’07

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

384010942 e3caa34901 m My keynote at CORESMA’07

I delivered a keynote at CORESMA 2007 (real estate development conference). Sorry folks, this one is in finnish. My title was “inhimillinen teknologia älykkään organisaation johtamisessa”. The presentation went quite well, I was able to wrap up the conference and connect my ideas with the field. I recorded my talk. The screencast may take a while to load, please be patient. You can find the presentation here:

Downes on Knowledge 2.0

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I’ve been asked to participate as an expert in the finnish conversation around an upcoming online talk by Stephen Downes on 14th of February (one week!). Please join us.

Stephen Downes will talk about Knowledge 2.0 in upcoming online Venus seminar. I’m a bit tired of all the insert_random_word_here 2.0 talk, but I hope Stephen knows what he is doing. He coined eLearning 2.0 in 2005 and it soon turned into a buzzword thrown around by men in impressive looking suits. I’ve been following his conversations around connectivism and his entertaining and insightful ways of applying philosophical analysis on the psychological/neurological views of what it means to learn and know today.

As a primer to his Knowledge 2.0 I suggest you look at Stephen’s introduction to connective knowledge. Is the apple red?

Downes will also talk today online at OCC2007, an online conference about connectivism. He has written some interesting posts in the thread “a challenge to connectivism“. Btw., OCC2007 has been a great event, I’ve never been in a session myself that had around 200 people in an online conference chat room during a single online presentation. The technology is maturing and getting cheap enough for anyone to use.

If you are from Finland and would like to see the presentation live online and participate in online chat with other people from Finland discussing the presentation in Finnish with other viewers afterwards, please register here (finnish). The seats are limited so be quick.

PS. I’ve written a finnish article on how social technologies could cause a (r)evolution in education (finnish) at Finnish Virtual University website.