Downes on Knowledge 2.0

I’ve been asked to participate as an expert in the finnish conversation around an upcoming online talk by Stephen Downes on 14th of February (one week!). Please join us.

Stephen Downes will talk about Knowledge 2.0 in upcoming online Venus seminar. I’m a bit tired of all the insert_random_word_here 2.0 talk, but I hope Stephen knows what he is doing. He coined eLearning 2.0 in 2005 and it soon turned into a buzzword thrown around by men in impressive looking suits. I’ve been following his conversations around connectivism and his entertaining and insightful ways of applying philosophical analysis on the psychological/neurological views of what it means to learn and know today.

As a primer to his Knowledge 2.0 I suggest you look at Stephen’s introduction to connective knowledge. Is the apple red?

Downes will also talk today online at OCC2007, an online conference about connectivism. He has written some interesting posts in the thread “a challenge to connectivism“. Btw., OCC2007 has been a great event, I’ve never been in a session myself that had around 200 people in an online conference chat room during a single online presentation. The technology is maturing and getting cheap enough for anyone to use.

If you are from Finland and would like to see the presentation live online and participate in online chat with other people from Finland discussing the presentation in Finnish with other viewers afterwards, please register here (finnish). The seats are limited so be quick.

PS. I’ve written a finnish article on how social technologies could cause a (r)evolution in education (finnish) at Finnish Virtual University website.

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  • services sprite Downes on Knowledge 2.0
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  • Stephen Downes

    The “knowledge 2.0″ lable wasn’t my idea, and you’ll note that it didn’t come up during the talk at all. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed them.

    While I’m writing — that is some impressive room where you gave your keynote! I love the wood pillars.

  • Teemu Arina

    Yes, Stephen. I figured that. The room, well I also had three huge projector screens and people were peeking around the pillars :)