Lost contact

I’m back in Finland from Italy. Great trip, a lot of new friends. The problem is, my luggage disappeared on the way back from Fiumicino Airport to Finland along with my collection of business cards, parmigiano and prosciutto.

If you gave me your business card at EDEN conference and want to keep in touch, please drop me an email (teemu at dicole dot com) as it’s not 100% sure I will get my stuff back.

Now I understand why so many Italians think Fiumicino Aeroporto is a mess. 

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  • http://blog.hasslberger.com Sepp

    Good to know you’re back safe and sound.

    Yes, Fiumicino is indeed a mess, and they might have sent your baggage to New York for all we know. But if you had a stop-over in Copenhagen or some Swedish airport, chances are your bags are languishing there.

    Consolation: Usually they do reappear after a few days.

    Enjoyed very much having you visit in Rome!

  • http://oltreelearning.blogspot.com/ Gianni Marconato

    As Italian, I apologise for the problem occured in Fiumicino and for every logistic and transport problem you, as the most of Edencconference participants, had in Neaples

  • http://stievie.blogspot.com/ Steven Verjans

    For my part, I quite enjoyed the experience of using public transport in Napoli. You have never really travelled to a country if you haven’t had a taste of a bus or metro ride. Hope your luggage arrives…
    Thanks for your interesting thoughts.