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Cultural issues in implemention of social technologies

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

A few moments ago I delivered my presentation entitled “Culture Matters: The cultural requirements for Web 2.0 powered innovation, networking, and collaboration” at Accenture Innovation Forum here in London. I had plenty of time to research, create and cook up new ideas, so the slideshow is almost completely new compared to my earlier work, but I couldn’t resist to put in a few of my favourites.

logo embd Cultural issues in implemention of social technologies | View

I also created a 2×2 matrix to explain my strategy for releasing my presentation recordings. I usually use a camcorder with a wireless microphone to record my talks and I make them available in one way or another – even if the talk was complete failure, as illustrated in the chart below:

sm strategy.004 Cultural issues in implemention of social technologies

  1. Top performance and great ideas
    Action: Video goes unedited on the internet. Job done.
  2. Top performance but boring rambling
    Action: If you have less of those great ideas, it helps to drop back to audio form and edit out the parts that are complete nonsense.
  3. Weary and unanimated performance, but great ideas
    Action: Better cut out the boring looks and bad hairday, and just release the audio podcast.
  4. Weary and unanimated performance combined with boring rambling
    Action: If you look bad and the content is from somewhere down under, it’s better just cook up a fantasy of what you thought should have happened, in other words blog about it.

The point is to share, no matter what. We’ll see what I will do with the video recording from this event.

Learning Zeitgeist: The Future of Education

Thursday, February 14th, 2008 and Robin Good have released an edited version of my thoughts on the future of education, and packs a lot of my recent thinking into one article. Well done, Robin. Thanks to Dr. Sam Inkinen for some of the collaboration.

The skills that are highly valued today are not even distantly related to the skills that are developed in our educational prison facilities year after year, week after week, class after class, when students are put into classrooms, disconnected from each other to fill tests, amputated from their prosthesis of thinking like mobile phones and their intellectual capabilities being hammered into the dirt by requiring certain outcomes rather than creativity and imagination.

See what I have to respond to this challenge and check out the article here: Learning Zeitgeist: The Future of Education is Just-in-Time, Multidisciplinary, Experimental, Emergent

In London from 25th to 27th

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Hi everyone, I will be in London from 25th to 27th of February. Those who are in London, if you are interested in what I’ve been writing here, please drop me a message and we might have a chance to meet.