Super learning?

My friend Eric Davidove from London made a great presentation on effective learning, as it happens today. Well, Super Learners do not use the 70s method called superlearning to acquire and remember a lot of information, but rather the 21st century method of messy Web 2.0 spaces to actively remix and co-create knowledge to reach even greater results. The term has been defined before, and Eric’s new definition is completely opposite of the original meaning of superlearning.

Coming to thing about this, original superlearning as a concept is so school 1.0, where you acquire as much information as possible, so that you can reproduce it in various contexts…and bore yourself to death in the meantime. We have moved forward since, let’s call it superlearning x.o, where you no longer acquire as much as possible, but share as much as possible in a two-way environment.

Eric encourages sharing and high-density communication, both by learners and organizations to empower themselves through various unguided serendipitous activity. Super learners see clarity in noisy, messy and information-overladen environments. Well, that’s my gobbeligoo of the topic, Eric has a very down to earth and easy to understand presentation (about 7 minutes) on the topic:

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  • dreig
  • Cindy

    Just some of my thoughts.

    I believe there are people who can learn in a abstract way and reproduce great work (superlearning x.o???), but there are many of us just do not have that kind of talents. It is not that we are stupid, perhaps our brains just do not work that way.

    People such as yourself are talented therefore everything seems so simple, but many of us are not. Therefore for me, at least, to be able to do a decent job in presenting my ‘thoughts’, my ‘knowledge’, I have to learn things the hard way, the old-fashioned way. I am very willing to share my knowledge, but how can I share IF I cannot put my thoughts together to do a decent presentations of what I do know??? I am not one who would claim I know something when all I do is just pointing people to links.

    Just the same as digital divide, and how we should/could solve global digital divide, we are talking about the problems of ‘ the victims of poor digital divide souls’ mostly from the 3rd world with our first world super speed internet connections, and other bells and whistles that come with our equally super, first class, personal computer. Therefore we are trying to solve the problems of others without really understand their problems.

    One has to be in the shoes of others to really understand why.

  • Craig ernest Wilkins

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    reading your page. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  • Spa Sounds

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