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My comments at Nokia Open Lab

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Nokia Open Lab was one of the primary highlights for me this year. This event hosted by Nokia gathered invited early adopter & mobile enthusiast delegates from all around the world to discuss for a few days what’s behind the corner for mobile future. I’m glad I was invited as one of the participants and thanks a lot to all of the great people I had the opportunity to meet.

Some of my thoughts at the workshop were recorded on video and some people asked if they could get back to those points, so I have gathered all of the video recordings where I’m talking below:

In the end of James Whatley’s presentation “Join the Community” I talk (starting at 02:20 on the video) about the net generation, born digital, information overload, pattern recognition, probing, we as sensory systems, self-organizing systems, prosumers, what is ownership in the digital age etc:

Link to video

In the end of Chris Moore’s presentation “Join and Collaborate” I showcase the human body metaphor for social technologies within organizations (starting at 06:28 on the video):

Link to video


Link to video

In the end of Glenn Letham’s session “Join the Journey” right after the great guy from Yahoo! Research (around 03:10 in the video) I ranted about the internet of things and business opportunities in location aware applications. I was not supposed to talk but I managed to hit the table by accident, so I obviously had to give it a shot:

Link to video

Also check out Adam Greenfield’s keynote presentation, which was really inspirational to me (four parts, you can find the rest from the site).