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Cloud Company & Service Design

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I wrote a new piece about Cloud Company, this time from the service design point of view:

Internet dramatically lowers the coordination and transaction costs of cooperative action. As organizations decentralize elements of their infrastructure, service development, customer interaction, management, leadership and work related processes at the same time on the technological and cultural level, I would envision the emergence of a new form of organization: a kind of a Cloud Company.

You can view the whole article at the blog here.

I’m currently writing a book in cooperation with Sami Viitamäki to explore these ideas more deeply.Our Cloud Company blog will open soon in the future, opening a window to what we are working on. More about this later. Until then, let me know if you know of any good case examples where both distributed and transparent culture & technology have merged as a new and interesting approach to to do business.