Hi, my name is Teemu Arina. I’ve been the founder and CEO of Dicole Oy for the last 10 years. I’m a writer, management consultant (digital technologies), and professional speaker who lives in Helsinki, Finland.

I work with enterprises, non-profits, startups, government agencies, and universities who are interested in understanding and implementing social technologies (web 2.0, social media etc.) or need to facilitate the required change in attitudes, working patterns, and culture.

Due to social technologies, I’m convinced that we are facing a tectonic shift in the way we understand information, knowledge, learning, and day-to-day work. In the late 90’s I was working on an Open Source project with hundreds of developers from all around the world. In the midst of it I understood that the way how we organize group action through internet-enabled peer-production is going to change the way how organizations work and learn internally and externally.

See my concepts page for a quick overview of some of the key themes I’ve been exploring. For deeper commentary of patterns I perceive, take a look at my blog.

For past and future presentations, head off to the speaking page.

I’m a holistic thinker and I don’t subscribe to any particular school of thought.

“You can’t get an unbiased education, so the next best thing is a multi-biased one.”
− Buckminster Fuller

Some keywords of interest: online learning, collaboration, knowledge management, creativity, leadership, cooperative work, social software, self-organizing systems, complexity, social networks, social media, web 2.0, augmented reality, mobile, open source, ubiquitous computing


“I am pleased to let you know that you received an average rating of 4.5, between “Excellent” and “Very Good”.  In addition, I received many, many comments from attendees complimenting your keynote address. Attendees recognized your vast knowledge and connection with the power of technologies in learning.”
– Jane Terpstra, Conference Director of 25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

“Astounding presentation, where speaker was able to handle any topic behind any door.”
– Customer of Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli

“If you ever need consultation on collaboration and/or web 2.0 tools (and can’t reach me), call Teemu.”
– Jay Cross, CEO, Internet Time Group, coined the term e-learning

“New ways of doing things will happen faster when the social web is deployed for informal learning. Teemu Arina has a landmark presentation on this.”
– Bo Harald, Vice President, Head of Executive Advisors, Tieto