Teemu Arina gives presentations, keynotes, participates in panels, and runs workshops (scenario, open space, unworkshop/unconference, hands-on etc.) on the following topics:

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I want each of my presentations to be unique, inspirational, and visually stunning. I can open up an avenue, facilitate a journey, or bring loose strings together.

For bookings, please send email to teemu@dicole.com

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Bio and Booking Notes

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Typical Bio

Mr. Teemu Arina is a young Finnish technology entrepreneur, management consultant, and author of various publications focusing on novel theories and practices about new learning and work in the digital age. Currently he is working on a book called Cloud Company, providing advice to business leaders on how to design and build a decentralized organization that is capable for greater learning, transparency, and agility in a networked world.

As a person who fits into the net generation group, he is often the youngest keynote speaker at educational technology conferences. Having provided acclaimed presentations in countries such as the USA, Russia, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK, Teemu Arina is known for his deep insight and vision regarding the future of learning online. Eight of his presentations have been featured on the front page of SlideShare, the most popular presentation website on the net.

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