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Cloud Company eBook Now Available for Download

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

I have been working extensively with Sami Viitamäki on a new book we are writing: Cloud Company: Redesigning Strategy, Management, and Communications for the Digital Age (working title).

We are glad to inform you that a free e-book outlining some of the key concepts regarding our upcoming book is now available for download.

ishot 32 300x224 Cloud Company eBook Now Available for Download

Get your free ebook from the Cloud Company website.

The central argument of Cloud Company is that social technologies and distributed practices – utilized on the fields of strategy formation and leadership, work and management, as well as external communications and interactions – can make an organization infinitely more agile, intelligent, and responsive. Their usage thus enables an organization to anticipate, lead, and exploit changes in the environment, instead of being thrown at their mercy.

Furthermore, the book sets out a practical framework for redesigning these essential functions of an organization to meet today’s needs.