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If you take one course a year, take this

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Stephen Downes and George Siemens are giving a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Connectivism & Connective Knowledge between September and November 2008. Exploring emerging topics in knowledge, learning and technology, It’s going to be held online and will utilize latest Web 2.0 technologies and distributed approaches. What is more important, is that if someone is going to pull this off, it’s George and Stephen, both the most visionary and knowledgeable teachers I’ve ever had online.

If you are interested in this stuff – perhaps think of yourself as an expert, an enthusiastic pro-amateur or a newbie – this is the course you want to take this year, if you are going to participate in any. The course already has at least 1200 registered participants from all over the world and it’s free. If you want to get credits, you can enroll at the University of Manitoba, but this is not a requirement for participation.

I will be joining, hope you will too.

The conference blog
The conference wiki (and enrolling)

  • Week 1: (September 7-13) What is Connectivism?
  • Week 2: (September 14-20) Rethinking epistemology: Connective knowledge
  • Week 3: (September 21-27) Properties of Networks
  • Week 4: (September 28-October 4) History of networked learning
  • Week 5: (October 5-11) Connectives and Collectives: Distinctions between networks and groups
  • Week 6: (October 12-18) Complexity, Chaos and Research
  • Week 7: (October 18-25) Instructional design and connectivism
  • Week 8: (October 26-November 1) Power, control, validity, and authority in distributed environments
  • Week 9: (November 2-8) What becomes of the teacher? New roles for educators
  • Week 10: (November 9-15) Openness: social change and future directions
  • Week 11: (November 16-22) Systemic change: How do institutions respond?
  • Week 12: (November 23-29) The Future of Connectivism