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Age of Real-Time

We are moving from the industrial era of speed to the digital age of real-time. New tools and processes enabling real-time simultaneous activities change the way how we run our organizations.

Digital Ecosystems

The digital business environment should be seen as an ecosystem of networked actors, blending natural-, computer- and social sciences into a coherent business strategy for the digital age.

Extended Events

In a typical traditional conference, content is static, organization is top-down and audience is passive. With social technologies it’s possible to make events more social before, during and after an event. Truly understanding the technologically empowered community around any event makes extended events possible.

Organic Enterprise

In the post-industrial era, organizations consist of networked creative individuals engaging themselves in interaction with human and non-human appliances. Leading organizations are like organisms who understand social technologies & creative interactive work as central for increasing efficiency through effectiveness.

Real-Time Web

The web is moving from static pages to streams of information that we tap into rather than collect and consume. The real-time data is becoming increasingly social, opening new opportunities for organizing group action in a more dynamic way.

Serendipic Learning

We move from static and pre-defined learning environments to dynamic and self-organizing informal learning environments. Technologically facilitated serendipity is central for organizing learning around accidental but beneficial encounters.

Social Experiential Learning

People learn from experience by reflecting their experiences and through abstraction they create new strategies for experimentation. Social technologies allow reflection and abstraction to happen in an increasingly shared context, enabling individuals to learn from each others’ experiences.

Social Technologies

Operative technologies focusing on automation and pre-defined processes were central for the industrial mass-production logic. In the network society social technologies are key for complementing automation with interaction and making pre-defined processes more adaptive and contextual. The road leads towards mass-customization.

Fractal Learning

What would learning look like if it could be visualized? Many things in nature and the universe are organized in a fractal pattern. Similarly is learning and how it occurs over our lifetimes. The metaphor of fractal learning makes it concrete how information systems and pattern recognition unlock the keys to life-long learning.