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Newsmastering Architecture for News Radars

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Newsmastering is about multiple people (e.g. your employees) pointing to interesting resources from various sources (e.g. social media, industry reports and news sites) and then a newsmaster selecting, editing and publishing high quality content to other users (e.g. your customers) to aggregate.

Newsmastering is about being an information DJ: as an expert, you select highly valuable resources as a News Radar for your readers. If this radar is on your company website, it enables more dynamic content and thus a good reason for your readers to return to your site periodically. As an added benefit, search engines are going to reward your activities.

Here is our Newsmastering Architecture me and Ville Orkas from Dicole implemented for these purposes:

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Dicole Newsmastering Architecture

What we essentially have is:

  1. Our employees and partners link to interesting resources or publish their own content online.
  2. The sources get picked up by a fully automated news hub, that analyzes the sources. Our hub discovers the original URLs, makes automatic summaries of articles, discovers original sources, creates links for link tracking and fetches website screenshots and/or first image from the news item for publishing purposes.
  3. The sources get synced with a newsmastering database, in this case we are talking about a small news database application built with Zoho Creator.
  4. The newsmater uses the news database to rewrite a) titles b) descriptions c) sources d) authors and other relevant information. Also the newsmaster picks a relevant picture for the news item, e.g. a website screenshot or an image from the news item itself.
  5. Once the newsmaster is happy with the refined item, it is marked for publication.
  6. Dicole Radar on website picks up the published items and generates a News Radar available here.
  7. Yahoo Pipes takes the published articles and generates a proper RSS feed out of the news database.
  8. Google FeedBurner provides additional features for the RSS feed.
  9. The hand picked news items in the RSS feed are published through APIs (empowered with Twitterfeed) to Facebook, Twitter and other relevant services.
  10. A Social Media Listening Architecture is used for following reactions to hand picked news radar items online.

Basically our implementation is a very elegant Web 2.0 mashup, using the latest technologies to build an application with the least ammount of effort. Here is the final result on our website:

ishot 210 300x205 Newsmastering Architecture for News Radars

Dicole Radar at

Newsmastering is something that is fully enabled by RSS and powerful middleware technologies. Newsmastering is something wire editors should do at every publisher wanting to be effective online.

Newsmastering once well implemented, is quick and doesn’t require much additional resources. You are harnessing the power of your network to discover the most relevant resources anyway.

Bloggers and specialized explorers on various topics should provide a service like this to their readers. Simply linking to resources through Twitter and etc. is not enough: specialists know what their readers need and can describe in a concise way why a certain resource is useful. Sometimes the titles of original posts are not very good and thus rewriting the titles is important for additional value.

There are multiple different ways for implementing news radars. If you are interested, Dicole is now providing consulting for publishers who are looking for implementing their own News Radars to increase the speed, relevance and impact of their content online.