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Teemu becomes a student

Monday, September 7th, 2009

poplogo Teemu becomes a student

10 years ago I started my company as my personal learning environment. Traditional schooling was inadequate to fulfill what I wanted to achieve in life. I’ve learned a lot from my customers, from the blogosphere, from the visionaries I’ve met on the road, from the books I’ve ordered from the web, from the students in my audiences and from the ability to look beyond the box (the course syllabus, the curriculum, the degree, the university, the company, the framework, you name it).

I haven’t had much of a need to subscribe to a traditional course. None have been capable of convincing me so far to join for one, other than as someone who rethinks how the whole thing is run or leads one of the participative workshops.

As a learning technology professional, I have seen a lot of online learning environments and I have to say that Robin Good has the best one I’ve seen so far from the technology perspective, the content is spot on to my current professional needs and he promises to coach me one-on-one for weeks with my pressing needs in my professional life. I also see other top colleagues like Jay Cross at Robin Good’s university, claiming to be a novice.

pop screen1 300x167 Teemu becomes a student

Today, people ask you what university you went to or what degree you have. In the past before the Average Grading Point, people questioned who was your teacher. Today on the Internet, we go back to those days and claim our teachers. They are online, and the best for me is Robin Good regarding Professional Online Publishing (POP). I will be one of the 25 who are first to join this autumn the one and only Robin Good’s University.